Lamborghini Gallardo GT3

2010 - Chassis 09-07-1068

Lamborghini Gallardo GT3

Lamborghini unveiled its much-vaunted road going Gallardo in 2004. Arguably a down-sized Murciélago, it is by far the company’s most produced model to date with over 10,000 examples being manufactured in the first seven years alone. Of course, its compact, mid-engined configuration combined with V10 power and four wheel drive made it a perfect contender for sportscar racing, and for the production of its customer GT3 version the manufacturer turned to Reiter Engineering of Germany. Reiter was the obvious partner for this exciting project, having already masterminded the Murciélago GT1 and GTR Super Trophy for the factory.

Early versions of the GT3 racer produced 513bhp and 376 lb ft of torque. The wind-tinnel honed aerodynamic aids, including the massive rear wing, were designed as bolt-on parts - manufactured from carbon fibre they can readily be fitted direct to road cars when customers desire. The race-inspired specification also included powerful Brembo disc brakes, special OZ wheels and a free-flow exhaust system.

Having been victorious in four GT championships in 2011 alone, Hans Reiter declared: “Now we want to be successful at long distance races too. Our aim is to have a reliable 24-hour race car that is able to win.” This has led to the power of the 5.2 litre V10 GT3 engine being raised to around 600bhp and the unit coupled to a newly-developed, Australian-made Holinger  transmission that is both lighter and faster shifting. A revised aero package including larger front splinter and double drive plates provides greater downforce. Equally upgraded suspension and braking systems are designed to ensure better grip and handling and superior stopping power.

Gallardo chassis 09-7-1068 was used by Gulf Racing to contest the popular Blancpain sportscar series in 2010 and 2011. The car had been updated to FL2 specification prior to the Abu Dhabi 12hr race in December of 2012, this was followed up by the Dubai 24hr race in 2013 where the team finished 4th in class. This car is still actively used by the team in testing activities.